Renewable Energy Projects


SDS provides independent consultancy services in relation to a range of renewable energy projects including AD, PV, Wind, Bioenergy, and Heat Pumps.

Services include:

• Feasibility Studies & Financial Analysis
• Competitive Technology Tendering
• Technical Due Diligence and Advice
• Facility Design and Project Management
• Asset Management and Energy Monitoring
• Power Purchase Agreements, Grid , Planning and DNO Applications
• Assistance with Financing and Funding Arrangements

Anaerobic Digestion (AD)

The process whereby organic material is broken down by microorganisms in a controlled, oxygen free, environment. This produces biogas, which is rich in methane and can be used to generate renewable heat and power.

• Utilisation of natural resources in the Agricultural Sector
• Organic waste treatment facility in the Commercial Sector
• Government Incentives for renewable energy generation and waste management
• 20 year guaranteed Renewable Incentive Scheme (NI)
• Lease, Feedstock and Operation Agreements

Photovoltaics (PV)

Photovoltaics (Solar Panels) are a productive method of converting solar energy into electricity that can be consumed on site, or sold to the National Grid / through PPA.

• Cost Savings – Return On Investment (ROI) / Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
• Additional Income – Selling surplus electricity / ROCs or from renting your roof or land to developers
• Reduce Carbon Footprint

Previous Projects

SDS is currently working on a range of both funded and self-funded projects including: 500kW AD plant at Co. Antrim Farm, 600kW PV System at B/E Aerospace, Multi-Site PV for Danske Bank and Multi-Site PV for Clanmil Housing.