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Energy Compliance: Simple Approach to Stay Ahead

Energy Compliance: Simple Approach to Stay Ahead

SDS Energy | your independent energy partner

In addition to providing Certified Energy Assessments and Reports in relation to EPCs (BER in ROI), DECs and TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections, we also provide Consultancy Services to assist clients in meeting the recent Heat Network Regulations with respect to the supply of Distributed Heat.

Furthermore, we would like to introduce our EPC Plus+ Service, which we have developed to meet the impending EPC Legislation relating to the Private Rented Sector Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard Regulations which comes into effect in April 2018.

In-keeping with our on-going objective to stay ahead of changing legislation, we take a proactive approach to offer enhanced reports, beyond that of Government Regulations, designed to assist with implementation of energy saving measures.

Energy Performance and Efficiency Compliance

How can SDS help you achieve Compliance?

EPBD – Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

Display Energy Certificates (DEC)

• Certified DEC Assessors (UK and ROI)
• Analysis of utility bills and metering
• Government approved DEC software
• Provision of Display Energy Certificates and Advisory Reports

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

• Certified EPC Assessors (UK) and BER Assessors (ROI)
• Carbon Performance / Asset Rating
• Approved SBEM / DSM software
• Provision of Energy Performance Certificate and Recommendations Report

CIBSE TM44: Inspection of Air Conditioning Systems

CIBSE certified inspections of Air Conditioning Systems with rated outputs over 12kW
• Inspections of complex and simple systems to National Occupational Standard (NOS)
• Provision of AC Inspection Reports and essential energy performance information

EED – Energy Efficiency Directive

Heat Network Consultancy

• Consultancy Services in line with The Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations to implement the requirements of EED with respect to the supply of Distributed Heat, Cooling and Hot Water (applying to communal or district heating)
• Facilitation of Metering / Heat Cost Allocators and TRV installations by 31 Dec 2016
• Technical Feasibility Assessments in accordance with Schedule 1 of the regulations
• Implementation of accurate billing based on actual consumption, compliant with Schedule 2 of the Heat Network Regulations

What about staying ahead of changing Legislation?

Minimum Energy Standard

EPC Plus+ Service

• A service providing a proactive approach to meet the impending EPC Legislation relating to the Private Rented Sector Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard Regulations (for EPC Rating F and G) which comes into effect in April 2018
• Enhanced report, beyond that of current Government Regulations to assist the client in determining the viability of implementing energy saving measures to meet the regulations
• Potential areas for savings include building fabric, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, chillers, lighting, motors, drives, pumps, renewables, controls, monitoring & targeting
• Recommendations include costs, payback, CO2 savings, suppliers and funding options
• Reports include detailed analysis, KPIs and a prioritised action plan


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