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ESOS Phase 2 – Act Now

Does your organisation need assistance with ESOS Phase 2? Act Now!

If the answer is yes, we are here to help. We offer client specific solutions to ESOS Phase 2 compliance that will take the hassle out of compiling your evidence pack for submission before 5th December 2019.

Our tailored solution provides full legislative compliance as well as a comprehensive energy, carbon and cost savings report detailing where your organisation currently stands and where savings can be made.

We view ESOS as a genuine opportunity to improve the energy efficiency of your business and to make significant cost savings – we advise you not to delay! 

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Checklist for ESOS Phase 2 - Act Now!


Suitably qualified ESOS Lead Assessors are essential but they are also limited. It is, therefore, hugely important to work with one that will put the needs of your business first. Have you secured your ESOS Lead Assessor?


This can be challenging for organisations to set up so if you are finding it difficult, you are not alone. Data collection methods should already be in place for ESOS Phase 2 - act now if you are unsure about collecting the relevant data.​


The ESOS Energy Audit will identify the areas that need attention to help your organisation avoid unnecessary energy costs, reduce unnecessary consumption and manage demand more effectively.


We provide a prioritised action plan of ESOS recommendations which not only meets your obligations under the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme, but also forms the basis of an actionable energy saving strategy.

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ESOS Phase 2 Compliance
Deadline: 5th December 2019

Avoid penalties – timely compliance will alleviate any concerns over enforcement penalties such as failure to submit on time. Penalties range from publication of non-compliance to £50k fixed penalty + £500 per day.

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