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ESOS Phase 2 – Is your Organisation prepared?

ESOS Phase 2 – Is your Organisation prepared?

SDS Energy

We have now passed the half way mark between the initial ESOS deadline of 5th December 2015 and the forthcoming deadline for phase 2, which is set for 5th December 2019. The key question for any qualifying organisation at this stage is, where do you currently stand?

• Are you considering your approach to the impending phase 2 deadline?
• Are you working towards implementing any of the recommendations from your initial ESOS audit?
• Is your organisation facing enforcement action from the Environment Agency for non-compliance?

ESOS Compliance – Phase 2

The phase 2 deadline of 5 December 2019 may appear to be a distant concern but at SDS phase 2 is already underway as we understand it is critical for our clients to optimise their time when it comes to obligations such as energy compliance.

We view ESOS as a genuine opportunity to improve the energy efficiency of your business and to make significant cost savings – we advise you not to delay! Here are 3 reasons to act now:

1. Suitably qualified ESOS Lead Assessors are essential and they are limited – approximately a 1:10 ratio to qualifying organisations, therefore it is important to work with one that will put the needs of your business first.

2. Get ahead of your competition – starting early means you can avoid the looming bottleneck in resources as the deadline approaches. It is understood that EA will be less lenient in terms of enforcement in phase 2.

3. Avoid penalties – timely compliance will alleviate any concerns over enforcement penalties such as failure to submit on time. Penalties range from publication of non-compliance to £50k fixed penalty + £500 per day.

There are many benefits to planning ahead for phase 2. If you are interested in preparing effectively, implementing Monitoring and Targeting software or perhaps even adopting the ISO 50001 route, contact us on 02890 777 834 or email as we can assist with whichever approach you may choose.

ESOS Energy Savings Implementation – Next Steps

Having completed ESOS assessments for a wide range of organisations across the UK and Northern Ireland, we are very aware of our clients needs in terms of assistance with implementation. Such implementation schemes include:

• Energy Management & Smart Metering
• Lighting & Lighting Control Systems
• Heating, Hot Water & Heating Controls
• Ventilation & Air Conditioning
• Process Equipment Upgrades
• Building Fabric & Insulation
• Combined Heat & Power
• Renewable & LZC Technologies

As you may be aware, there are a number of financial assistance schemes currently available for various energy saving initiatives, for example: NISEP Grant, Carbon Trust Loans and Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA).

On average, businesses can reduce annual costs by 20% through improving energy efficiency and energy management. If your organisation is interested in utilising the reduction of energy costs as one of the most straightforward methods to improve bottom line, contact us on for 02890 777 834 or email for more information on how SDS can assist you in becoming more financially efficient whilst reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

ESOS Enforcement Action

It has been brought to our attention that the Environment Agency (EA) has recently been issuing more enforcement notices to some of the companies that fall into the category of the small percentage that have failed to comply with the requirements of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS). The EA have now served a number of civil penalty notices and notices of intent.

Enforcement action can easily be avoided. If your organisation has been affected by this, please contact us on 02890 777 834 or email The team at SDS are suitably qualified as CIBSE ESOS Lead Assessors and we can assist you in terms of registering compliance if you qualify or at least establish if you are indeed obligated to do so.