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ESOS Submission Period Extended

ESOS Submission Period Extended


The Environment Agency (EA) have announced the approach which will be taken in relation to ESOS compliance notifications submitted after the deadline of 5th Dec 2015, providing contact has been made with EA prior to this date.

In the latest newsletter, the Environment Agency set out the approach to late ESOS assessment notifications. The key points to consider:

  1. No enforcement action; provided full compliance notification is received by 29th Jan 2016.
  2. A focus on achieving compliance using enforcement notices, serving civil penalties only in the most serious of cases.
  3. ACT NOW. To avoid penalty you must contact the Environment Agency before 5th Dec 2015. SDS can do this for you – contact us on 02890 777844 / to ensure compliance by Jan 2016.
  4. The Environment Agency look more favourably on firms that can show they have taken steps to comply.

The original deadline of 5th Dec 2015, set in the EU Energy Efficiency Directive cannot be amended, however the regulators had permission to “waive or modify” enforcement action and penalties relating to non-compliance.

Recent data indicates that just 371 of the estimated 10,000 companies that meet the criteria for ESOS are fully compliant. The EA expects a further 5,000 applications will be submitted over the course if the coming weeks but many are convinced that thousands of companies are likely to miss the deadline of 5th Dec 2015.

For more information on obtaining an assessment and compliance for your organisation, or to request an online quotation please visit our ESOS Service Page. Here you will find information on the criteria, the process and how SDS can help.