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Ground breaking activity on Biogas in Northern Ireland

Ground breaking activity on Biogas in Northern Ireland

Ground breaking activity in Biogas in Northern Ireland

Energy developer BioGreen Energy took another step forward in Northern Ireland this week as site works commenced in Tyrone on the latest of a string of on-farm biogas plants.

Speaking at the ground-breaking event in Caledon Co. Tyrone, BioGreen representative Osvaldo Mauro-Hun was on a welcome break from the office and getting his hands dirty in the field.

He said, “the most exciting part of developing projects in Northern Ireland is engaging with farmers and landowners and getting stuck into the construction of the on-farm biogas plants themselves. Breaking new ground has not only a strong tangible and visible impact locally for us, but also the ground-breaking new energy source that is Biogas resonates just as strongly.”

BioGreen Energy is a Renewable Energy Developer involved in an extensive range of projects, they are actively involved in Biogas Production with specific development in Anaerobic Digestion sites. The current project represents the fifth plant of a ten site plan under development in the province.

Anaerobic digestion is the natural breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen, which produces a biogas that can be combusted in a combined heat and power engine to generate electricity and heat, and is one of the main established renewable energy technologies within Europe.

BioGreen has partnered with local company SDS Energy Group in the delivery of their projects. SDS is an award winning multinational energy services group based in Belfast, and their specialist power division SDS Power is providing selection and development support. With direct access to funding partners, SDS Power is keen to help farmers and landowners maximise the revenue potential from their available resources through the development of renewable energy projects.

Stephen Dunn, Chairman of SDS Energy Group said: “Local renewable energy provides an excellent opportunity for investment, and is a smart solution for farm diversification. It also provides local businesses with a host of new opportunities from ‘waste to energy’ to clustering processes around biogas as a sustainable, local and green energy source.”

Kip Hewitt, project manager on the Tyrone farm, said he is delighted to be partnering with BioGreen and SDS Energy.

He said: “Biogas development provides the farm enterprise with a sustainable long term plan in uncertain times. Over many years we have focussed on beef production, but latterly we have leased our land as a way of maximising sustainable revenue returns. This relationship with BioGreen in the development and management of on-farm biogas has a similar dynamic but really enhances the earning potential of our farm in the short, medium and long term.”