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Improve Building Performance

Would you like to improve the performance of a building?

As sustainable design experts, we use IES Virtual Environment (IESVE) software to translate complex building physics principles and detailed dynamic thermal calculations into extensive and easy to understand technical information and visualisation.

We work alongside leading architects, building contractors and M&E engineers to reduce energy consumption and carbon output; increasing the overall sustainability of buildings.

We are highly competent in utilising a fast, accurate, sub-hourly, thermal simulation suite that can model new and existing buildings of any size and complexity.

The IES platform allows cross-team collaboration from concept design to operation. It embeds energy and performance assessment across the entire building lifecycle; integrating performance analysis into the heart of the design process.

Whether you are enquiring as a contractor who requires assistance or directly as a client starting a new project, we are happy to assist you.

ESOS Phase 2 - Act Now CROP 3

Whole building performance simulation:

Energy Modelling & Compliance

Fast, accurate, sub hourly, thermal simulation for buildings of any size and complexity.

Building & Systems Design

Load calculations and equipment sizing from the earliest stages of the design process.

Modelling & BIM Interoperability

Two-way information exchange to speed up the design process and facilitate digital design.


UK Building Compliance

Building Regulations, Rating Systems & Methodologies

BREEAM Certification

Achieve your target BREEAM rating & certification

LEED Certification

Achieve your target LEED rating & certification

UK Energy Compliance

SBEM, DSM, Part L/F compliance, EPC generation

IRE Energy Compliance

Part L and Building Energy Rating (BER) calculations

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy analysis & optimisation, LZCT Reports

Solar Shading Analysis

Solar heating, eliminate solar gains in cooling season

Daylight Calculations

Daylighting for LEED, BREEAM & lighting design

Climate Analysis

Solar optimisation, site airflow, masterplanning

HVAC Optimisation

Sizing for rooms, zones and central HVAC systems

Airflow Calculations

Natural Ventilation, overheating & thermal comfort

Life-Cycle Cost Analysis

Capital costs and environmental impacts

Energy Modelling
Why Choose SDS Energy?

SDS Energy is a leading provider of building energy modelling, calculations and simulation, with uptake extending across Northern Ireland, UK, ROI and Internationally. We translate building physics principles and dynamic thermal calculations into easy to understand technical information and visualisation.

We help our clients to deliver and validate the sustainability value of their assets, cost-effectively. This enables them to manage and mitigate risk during planning, design, construction/refurbishment, and operation. Ultimately, we help our clients add value, lower costs & carbon and maximise returns on their building energy projects.

Contact us for assistance with improving building performance