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SDS is an award winning Energy Solutions Company with a proven track record in delivery, client satisfaction and innovation.
Energy Management

Bespoke energy management, procurement and tendering services to help clients reduce utility costs, manage risk and implement tailored energy strategies.

Renewable Energy

From initial feasibility through to project delivery, our renewable energy generation services cover everything from biogas, AD and CHP to heat pumps, solar PV and wind.

Project Delivery

As project evaluation and delivery specialists, we identify opportunities for energy efficiency projects followed by design, installation and commissioning of complete energy solutions.

Funded Solutions

Subject to project suitability criteria, we can provide clients with funding and implementation support for the implementation of a wide range of low and zero carbon technologies.


We offer a range of tailored services to suit our clients' needs. Below are some examples.
Energy Management Plan


  • Procurement through Tender
  • Realisation through Audits
  • Optimisation through Strategy
  • Metering + Monitoring
  • Intelligent Bureau
  • Statutory Compliance
  • Energy Generation
Low & Zero Carbon Technologies


  • Energy Generated from LZC/year
  • Life Cycle Cost & Payback
  • Local Planning Criteria
  • Feasibility of Exporting
  • Grants and/or Funding
  • List of Appropriate Technologies
  • Reasons for any Exclusion
Energy Efficient Design and Delivery


  • Energy Audit/Project Evaluation
  • Design for Energy Performance
  • Design for Energy Management
  • Project Procurement/Delivery
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Project Handover/Support
  • Ongoing Monitoring/Targeting
Funded Energy Solutions


  • Anaerobic Digestion/Biogas
  • Renewable Energy Generation
  • Battery Storage Facilities
  • Heating/Cooling Optimisation
  • Intelligent Building Controls
  • Intelligent Lighting
  • Smart Metering


Our engineers are suitably qualified and accredited to assist with all of your energy requirements

We are interested in your specific energy requirements and any challenges you may currently be facing. Please feel free to request a free energy consultation.


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